Asia is a self-taught illustrator specializing in using digital and traditional media to challenge aesthetic conventions and harness the ethereal qualities of the monstrous, macabre, mythological and extinct and create something new, unsettling and beautiful from them.

She is of Pomo and Japanese descent and originally hails from the SF Bay Area of California, but currently resides in eastern Massachusetts with her partner, their toddler son and two cats that she considers her familiars.

Her other interests include knitting and crochet, gothic and strega fashion, the occult, mid century and atomic era interior design, experimenting with food and mixology, paleontology and most recently, amateur gardening. You can read more about that stuff on the blog.

Commissions for custom work are taken on a limited basis. For more info on status, prices and work offered, please see this blog post.


Publication History:

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